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  • Shodh Pravidhi (शोध प्रविधि)

In all the subjected which we need to explore and discover the depth of it, we have to make a pattern and follow them to achieve the target. In this series SHODH PRAVIDHI is one of the book which is useful for all the Higher study subject and related Scholars, Researchers, etc. to help the calculating functions, methods, process etc.

In this book having all the all the related study in any of Stream / Subject / Course etc. This book contain lot of study material which help Researcher / Student / Scholar to understand the functionality of Research Methodology.

Product Details
Author Harish Kumar Khatri
Language Hindi
Pages 392
Publisher Kailash Pustak Sadan

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Shodh Pravidhi (शोध प्रविधि)

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  • Rs.400

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